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The entertainment industry is just like any other industry- it is an exchange of products and services.

The service you are providing is your skills

The product you are selling is you

In order to do these things more effectively, as you would in any other business, you must first solidify your brand. What is your "brand?"


Your brand is:

   your identity

   your skills

   what makes you unique

Your IDENTITY is how you will identify on social media. It is basically a nickname, something that describes you; it is what people will know you by. Mine is "Lorena Parkour" and you can find me as that across all of my platforms.

Identity Tips:

  You should use the same handle on all of your social media accounts, website, and email.

•  It is not always necessary, but ideally, it should include some part of your name. (EX. Tavon Mckvey is @TavonFlows)

It should be short and memorable. If you make one that is too long or use your full name like @johnjacobjingleheimersmith I will SLAP you.

•  It helps if it reflects what you do or what you're about. Obviously @LorenaParkour reflects what I do. I do Parkour.
However, many experts advise against boxing yourself into something so specific like I did. "@TavonFlows" is still related to the fact that he does Parkour, but is less specific and doesn't box him in as much to one single thing. I like my handle, and this is a personal choice you will have to make.

If you have a short and unique name and the handle is available, simply using your name is an option as well (for example, @AustinRaye). However, if your name is shared by many people, tricky to spell, or is too long like I mentioned before, go with the nickname route and follow the tips above.

Your SKILLS are what you can bring to the table that can be utilized in the field of performance and entertainment. Obviously in my case, that primarily includes Parkour- however, having more than one skill makes you much more potentially useful for different kinds of jobs.

Think about what other skills you have to offer and what skills you may not have yet, but are interested in developing.
For example, I am primarily a parkour athlete but my skills include martial arts, dance, stunts (more specifically, skills like ratchet pulls and high falls), singing, and acting. I did not know anything about stunts when I got started but I have developed my stunt skills over the past couple of years (I will elaborate more on that later)


What makes you UNIQUE makes you that much more marketable. Unfortunately this is where things tend to get more superficial, but hey, that's why the entertainment industry isn't everyone's cup of tea. Identify the traits that make you unique, and capitalize on them.


For example, here are the things that make me unique:

•   I do parkour - yes, the fact that you do parkour, an emerging sport that is is growing exponentially in popularity, is already a unique advantage in of itself. 

•  I'm Dominican and look Ethnically ambiguous - I am latina but I've got a generic face and tan and look like I could be many things. Am I Persian? Mexican? A gringa with a tan? You wouldn't know from simply looking at me, and that plays to my advantage when it comes to casting and doubling opportunities. 


•  I'm short - this may seem like a disadvantage, but this actually means I could potentially double children as well as adults. 

•  I'm a girl - sorry, but yes. There currently are not as many women compared to men practicing parkour, and this constitutes a very unique advantage.

•  I am bilingual - speaking more than one language is a major advantage in basically every career, and entertainment is no exception.

When you have identified the traits that make you unique, don't keep them to yourself. Much of this information will be included on documents such as your resume (which we will cover next), and can be part of how you present yourself.





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