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Lilou Ruel - Female Parkour Spotlight

Lilou Ruel is the young freerunning sensation that went viral at the age of 11! Now 14, she has skill way beyond her years, an astounding arsenal of tricks at her disposal, and is unafraid to throw down on hard ground. Lilou is an absolute monster! I'm stoked to continue watching her wreck the game as she grows up in the world of freerunning.

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How long have you been training?

I have been practicing for almost 5 years, I started in 2013.

What got you into parkour?

When I was 9 I had just had a trampoline and I already knew to do some acrobatics, and my neighbor who did already parkour before, taught me 2.3 trick and told me to go to this club (streetjump31) for try parkour and it is since that day that I know this discipline.

Do you have any other skills/passions besides parkour? If so, what are they?

I would say that my other passion is photography, I like to take pictures of everything, I love! I also coach every weeks kids and teens in the practice of freerun. I love sharing my passion and being able to teach them to discover it too.

How do you manage fear when going for something scary?

In the course of my experience, I knew my limits, so I became accustomed not to try things that frightened me and to do it another time. I prefer to wait to be ready that risk to hurt me (I have never had a big injury).

Do you have any obstacles that interfere with your training? If so, how do you deal?

I have quite a lot of time to train but I have no spot next to my house, so luckily I have a small structure in my garden. The college does not take me a lot of time on average but in times it may happen that I do not have the time to train at all.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

The only advice I will give is that if you want to achieve a goal you will expect it if you have motivation! The beginning is the most difficult and it is at the beginning that you must motivate yourself thoroughly! And you must keep something in mind: the falls are the result of your determination and your success.

Who is a woman that inspires you and why? (in or out of parkour/freerunning)

Girls in the parkour are so different that I will not be able to cite one or two. I take inspiration from each specialty and style to create a new one and that's the best! I love every style and every personality of girls in the parkour

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